That’s The Way I Like It (Part 3)

Yeah they were dancin’ and singin’

Well now we’re really motorvatin’. We’ve worked out the chorus and the intro, so now it’s time to learn a chord accompaniment to fit behind the verses.

This won’t take long at all. You just have to play some long notes and keep to the beat. Let’s get movin’ to the groovin’.

Lay down that boogie

Time to fill your bins and get pumping. Let’s check out the Chord accompaniment. D means draw (breath in). B means blow (breath out). Numbers shown are for a 4 hole harmonica (for ten holes replace 1, 2, 3, 4 with 4, 5, 6, 7).

Once again, decide which line you want to follow, the main line or the harmony line. The complete part sounds like this..

And play that funky music till you die

2D   1D

2D   2B

2D   1D

2D   3B

3D   2D

3D   3B

3D   2D

3D   4B

Get up offa that thang..

Now alternatively, you could just play both parts at once. That means two holes….at the same time. Who bad? You bad! Let’s do that thang ya’ll. Just remember to breath out half way through, and at the end, of lines one and three before you explode!

2D-3D   1D-2D

2D-3D   2B-3B

2D-3D   1D-2D

2D-3D   3B-4B

And dance till you feel better!

Top tooting – take a bow! Now practice and show your friends, family and grown ups what you can do. In the final part we’ll investigate the lead part itself.

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