That’s The Way I Like It (Part 2)

Dance with the boogie, get down

In the first part of this series, we learned two lines you can play to fill the chorus to the song. The ‘A-ha, A-ha’ parts.

Now it’s time to learn the Intro Theme. This starts the song and is repeated towards the end. It’s not difficult. But like the rest of the song, you need to keep it funky!

Ok, ok, ok let’s boogie on down brothers and sisters.

‘Cos boogie nights are always the best in town

Here we go then. Let’s check out the Intro Theme. Decide whether you are going to follow the main line or the harmony line.

D means draw (breath in). B means blow (breath out). Numbers shown are for a 4 hole harmonica (for ten holes replace 1, 2, 3, 4 with 4, 5, 6, 7).

The main line is played a total of four times. On the third and fourth time, the harmony line joins in. The complete theme sounds like this..

Got to keep on dancin’

1D   2B  2D

3D   2D   2B (you can slide down from 3D to 2D in one breath)

1D   1B   1D

2D   3B   3D

4B   3D   3B

2D   2B   2D

Keep on dancin’

Top tooting – take a bow! Now practice and show your friends, family and grown ups what you can do. In Part 3 we learn a chord accompaniment to the lead part, and finally in Part 4 we’ll investigate the lead part itself.

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