Naa-na na-naa-na! Horrid Henry Harping

How to be a cheeky monkey

You know that noise kids make when they poke their tongues out in the playground? You know the one; it’s in the Horrid Henry TV theme tune…

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Well, we can do it on the harmonica! The important key skill to learn is sliding between notes to make things easier to play. We’re letting the harmonica do the hard work for us!

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails?

Where you see two blow notes next to each other, keep blowing but slide the harmonica between your lips to play the different notes.

Here it is on the 4 hole harmonica:

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3B   2B   3D..3B   2B

2D   3B..3B   2B    3D..3B   2B

On the 10 hole harmonica there are two ways we can do it:

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6B   5B   6D..6B   5B

5D   6B..6B   5B    6D..6B   5B

Or else..

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4D   3D   5B..4D   3D

4B   4D..4D   3D   5B   4D   3D

Practise the way you find easiest, then explore other ways to do it. Can you start on a 10 hole harp with   3D   2D   4B..3D   2D   and finish the job?

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