Naa-na na-naa-na! Horrid Henry Harping

How to be a cheeky monkey

You know that noise kids make when they poke their tongues out in the playground? You know the one; it’s in the Horrid Henry TV theme tune…

Listen to

Well, we can do it on the harmonica! The important key skill to learn is sliding between notes to make things easier to play. We’re letting the harmonica do the hard work for us!


I Forgot My Harmonica!

How to join in your group lesson if you forget your harmonica

No need to be sad. Everyone forgets things from time to time. That’s ok. The great thing is you can still come and you can still join in!

But before we start, think hard. Perhaps you did remember your harmonica, but you just can’t find it. You’d be amazed how often we discover it was in a school bag all along.

Still not there? Don’t worry. Let’s look on our time together as a music lesson, not just a harmonica lesson. There is plenty to learn, even without a harmonica. Tell your teacher and they’ll help you join in. Here are some great ways you can still have fun..


There’s A Duck In My Harmonica!

How to fix a broken 4 hole harmonica

From time to time a harmonica can stop doing what it should do. Instead of playing clear notes, one reed sounds a bit strange. It may rattle, it may not play at all or, as one of our junior players recently discovered, a duck had climbed inside his harmonica. Blow hole 4 made a beautiful quack!

Since the 4 hole Hohner Speedy does not come in its own case, the problem is usually caused by a piece of dust or a small flake that has become trapped under the reed. Occasionally a reed can just get stuck. Sometimes it goes out of tune because the metal has started to fatigue – it’s too tired to carry on and it’s ready to snap off. (more…)

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