Waking Up Wendell by April Stevens

Waking Up Wendell by April Stevens

Here’s a great bedtime story book for Pre-School, Reception and Key Stage 1 children (3-7 years).

Wendell Willamore lives at number 10 Fish Street. Each morning his neighbours are woken by lots of different noises.

Early in the morning, a bird begins to sing at No.1 Fish Street, waking the man next door and his dog, and before long, as one noise leads to another, everyone on the street is awake. (more…)

Little Leap Forward by Guo Yue & Clare Farrow

Little Leap Forward by Guo Yue & Clare Farrow

Here’s a musical story  which doesn’t actually feature a harmonica! It was written by someone who plays a Chinese relative of the harmonica called a Bawu.

The Bawu looks just like a traditional Chinese flute, the Di-Zi. It is made from a long piece of hollowed bamboo, it has finger holes and just like the Di-Zi, you blow the Bawu to make it sing.

So how on earth could the Bawu be related to the harmonica, how is it different to the Di-Zi and what is the story of Little Leap Forward?

Come with us on a magical journey to China and all will be revealed.. (more…)

The Harmonica by Tony Johnston

The Harmonica by Tony Johnston

The harmonica is a true story about a boy from Poland who survived life in a concentration camp during the Second World War.

Henryk’s father taught him harmonica at home.

I played the harmonica while my parents danced. In our dream we believed the world to be good.

One day Henryk’s family were arrested by Nazi soldiers. They were separated and Henryk never saw his parents again. (more…)