Wimoweh Part 1 – Rhythm Parts

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

Welcome to our African extravaganza! Wimoweh comes from the Zulu word Mbube, meaning Lion. The song was composed and first recorded by Solomon Linda in South Africa in 1939. Most of us know it from Walt Disney’s film The Lion King.

Let’s look at how a group of harmonica players can perform the song. In this part, we’ll work on the rhythms. In part 2 we’ll look at the melodies, then in part 3 we’ll work out some extra fun parts to finish the job.

Some parts sound slightly better on a 10 hole harmonica, others work fine on a 4 hole. Purple music is for four hole harmonicas. Orange music is for ten hole harmonicas. A number tells you which hole to play. D is draw (breath in). B is blow (breath out). We’re using harmonicas in the key of C major (more…)