Morning Has Broken

Morning Has Broken

Here’s a beautiful Springtime tune to play on the harmonica in C. It’s called Morning Has Broken and it’s been sung in schools for many years.

It became popular in 1972, when Cat Stevens took it to N0.6 in the pop charts. But the melody was originally a folk tune from Scotland. Let’s investigate some more, and then learn how to play along on the harmonica.


A Boy Band

What do you call a group of four musicians?

Robbie stood up in class today and played a perfect rendition of the nursery rhyme London Bridge Is Falling Down. It was only his third week of learning the harmonica and he did really well.

“What do we call one musician playing alone?” asked the teacherLots of hands went up. The teacher pointed to one child. “Solo!” came the answer. “That’s quite right, well done you, and well done Robbie for being our very first soloist!” replied the teacher. (more…)