Silent Night (10 hole harmonica)

Silent Night

Here’s a classic Christmas tune in two parts, which sounds great performed a cappella on the harmonica (without backing music).

It was written in a village near Salzburg in Austria, where it was called Stille Nacht. Why not learn the tune and play it at School, in Church or to your family for Christmas? (more…)

Little Leap Forward by Guo Yue & Clare Farrow

Little Leap Forward by Guo Yue & Clare Farrow

Here’s a musical story  which doesn’t actually feature a harmonica! It was written by someone who plays a Chinese relative of the harmonica called a Bawu.

The Bawu looks just like a traditional Chinese flute, the Di-Zi. It is made from a long piece of hollowed bamboo, it has finger holes and just like the Di-Zi, you blow the Bawu to make it sing.

So how on earth could the Bawu be related to the harmonica, how is it different to the Di-Zi and what is the story of Little Leap Forward?

Come with us on a magical journey to China and all will be revealed.. (more…)

Sugar Sugar (Part 2)

Who can take a sunrise

Welcome to part two of our Bubblegum Pop number.

By now you should be able to play all the good stuff. The head, harmony and fills of the chorus. This is the main bit which starts the song and many people will recognise straight away.

Now it’s time to round things off by learning the verse. Let’s get down to the candy store. (more…)

Sugar, Sugar (Part 1)

I’m gonna make your life so sweet!

Time for some Bubblegum Pop. This is a style of music that was first enjoyed by children and teenagers in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Bubblegum music mixes catchy dance beats with sugar-sweet lyrics to make easy-listening, fun-time songs.

In 1969, a cartoon pop group called The Archies had a number one Bubblegum hit called Sugar, Sugar. It’s a great groove for the harmonica. So let’s put the pick’n’mix on hold and work on some real ear candy. (more…)