I Forgot My Harmonica!

How to join in your group lesson if you forget your harmonica

No need to be sad. Everyone forgets things from time to time. That’s ok. The great thing is you can still come and you can still join in!

But before we start, think hard. Perhaps you did remember your harmonica, but you just can’t find it. You’d be amazed how often we discover it was in a school bag all along.

Still not there? Don’t worry. Let’s look on our time together as a music lesson, not just a harmonica lesson. There is plenty to learn, even without a harmonica. Tell your teacher and they’ll help you join in. Here are some great ways you can still have fun..

Sing or hum along to the music

Listen to the tune and sing along. If you’re feeling shy, you can just hum. Or else just listen to the others on their harmonicas – how do you think it’s all sounding? What can we learn by listening to others?

Whistle the tune instead

Whistling and playing the harmonica are closely related. Not everyone knows how to whistle, but if you can do it, tell your teacher. Sometimes you can join in quietly this way.

Follow the music with your finger

If you have a paper copy of the music, follow the tune with your finger. Try humming at the same time. Most songs have words, so you can sing along too. Can you remember the words without looking?

Get with the beat

You can clap, nod, or tap your foot to the beat. With your teacher’s help, try counting the group in and clapping in time while they play. Tap the beat on your hand with two fingers. See if you can double up the beat. How easy is it to count musicians in and keep time?

Try conducting

Ask your teacher if you can help conduct. It’s a great way to learn how groups of musicians play together. You could use a simple time signature hand movement. Otherwise try the push-pull fingers system to show which hole to play and which way to breath. How many different ways are there to conduct?

Et voila!

Take a bow! No harmonica, but lots and lots of ways to build your musical skills. The important thing is you joined in anyway and had fun.

Try to remember your harmonica next time! How will you make sure you don’t forget? Is there a grown up who can help you?

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