Fastest Harmonica Player In The World

World’s fastest harmonica player

With 103 notes in twenty seconds (or 285bpm), the Guinness World Record for fastest harmonica player is held by Nicky Shane of Santa Barbara, California, USA.

The record was monitored at SRS studios in Santa Barbara on the 8th of September 2005 and the melody played was When The Saints Come Marching In. Perhaps that should be When The Saints Come Sprinting In.

Nicky is a former stand up comedian who more recently has become a leading exponent of heavy metal harmonica. Turn the volume on your computer way down, move all pets to another room and check out Nicky in the following video clip. We present The Star Spangled Banner

Rock and Roll! Ask a grown up about a guitarist called Jimi Hendrix who played the same tune at a festival called Woodstock in the 1960s!