Harpsichords and Harmonicas

“My son would like to learn the Harpsichord”

From time to time we hear from parents who are eager for their children to learn the Harpsichord. Which is nice.

Here is a Harpsichord. It’s a keyboard instrument from the Renaissance and Baroque period of the 1700-1800’s. It was very fashionable in its day. As were powdered wigs and knee britches.

While there is a Harpsichord Society in the UK, we find that parents are normally confusing a Harpsichord with the short name for the harmonica – the harp or mouth harp. Here is a picture of our harp. It’s a member of the reed instrument family.

It wasn’t around when the Harpsichord was popular, but you could try wearing a wig and knee britches when you play it. Why not investigate inside the harmonica, how a harmonica is made, different types of harmonica, or the harmonica’s closest relatives?


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