Harmonica Poem

Cool as…

Vegas is learning harmonica at school and she recently wrote a poem about it for the school forum. It’s great!

Other children at school have been writing their own tunes at break time and playing them in their music classes.

Why not try writing your own harmonica or musical poem too? Here’s Vegas’ harmonica poem..


  • Harmonica is the best..
  • Having fun
  • Always laughing
  • Reputation for being good
  • Mary, Mary has the blues
  • Obviously
  • Never boring
  • Intelligent
  • Cool 
  • As the harmonica

This is an example of an acrostic poem. That means the first letters of each line make up another word. If you read down the bold capital letters you should see what we mean.

The poem was reproduced with kind permission from Vegas and her School. Top job!

One thought on “Harmonica Poem

  • June 6, 2012 at 11:35 am

    add one more…..

    H aving fun
    A lways laughing
    R eputation for being good
    M ary, Mary has the blues
    O bviously
    N ever boring
    I ntelligent
    C ool
    A s the harmonica
    S peeding along the notes!


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